Herewith, are some of the original realism oil paintings on canvas. Prints and Greeting Cards are available of some paintings. Watching this presentation video will provide a brief yet, clear history of each painting. More paintings are not included in the video and can be seen upon request.

All paintings were created on 100% pure linen/canvas which were well treated professionally, some months prior to painting and one year after the work was done. The paintings were created with many fine layers, using Sable brushes made of horse tail as small as size 18 zeros. The paintings did not have glazing between layers, rather richness and quality were created naturally by adding the fine layers that gave depth and the classic look. This technique insures the longevity of the painting for hundreds of years as vibrant as can be which means that colors will not turn yellowish with time.

To review more of her realism artwork, please visit the Online Art Gallery: www.mona-gallery.com. At this website, You will find original realism oil paintings, high quality prints and greetings cards, of some paintings, are available for purchasing. To review Mona’s personal collections or have a special inquiry, please contact Mona Youssef.

Mona Youssef is an international Award-winning Fine Artist with Global following. Some of her collectors are the then, Prime Minister of Canada; Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Karl Heinz Fürst V. S. Wittenstein who has regarded her paintings to be equal to Carl Barks and Don Rosa.

Mona has exhibited her artwork in Canada, Italy, Switzerland, England, France, Germany, Monaco and Turkey and received significate Awards; First Place Award, Second Prize, Viewers’ Choice Award, Honorable Mention, Award of Excellence, Leonardo Award and Palm Art Award.

She has a B.F.A. with a Scholarship, Desktop Publishing Diploma with Honour Award, Commercial Art Diploma and Digital Media Certificate.

In addition, Mona Youssef (MYG) is a Gallerist, Curator and Art Jurist selecting, promoting and representing hundreds of Artists in various International exhibitions and Art Fairs. Mona Youssef is also a Member of the International Selection Committee (CIS) for the Florence Biennale for 2017 and 2019. Please visit her website to learn more at: www.monayoussefgallery.com

The following was one comment, among many others, Mona has received on her artwork

As a Canadian Journalist, I have written about many noteworthy subjects, catering to the interests of various communities. I am proud to have had the opportunity to appreciate the work of Canadian Artist, Mona Youssef, whose work transcends thoughts and imagination from the simplest of concepts. We human often overlook the most basic beauty that surrounds us every day. Through natural light and shadows, Mona has captured the essence or reality of objects on canvas so they are impossible to ignore. Often our life is composed of what our thoughts make it. Viewing her work has given me a different perspective in which to view life. The blazing color and intricate detail’s expresses how life is to be enjoyed. Pride makes us do things well, but it’s love that brings them to perfection. Mona has great love to create feelings as optimism and hope, to all who view her work.” Kevin Otto, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

And so, I believe that art is a manifestation of love.” Mona.

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Thank you for visiting this brief website and hope that You will enjoy viewing the artwork on the Online Gallery. Should have a concern or inquiry, I do welcome it, please feel free to contact me.

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