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Having embraced art since childhood it became a life passion and my first oil painting was sold at age of 12. This profound craving for art is behind the long lasting career which enabled me to widen out, through the innovative years, until my realism paintings became international landmark. Some of my art collectors are from Royal families and one of them is The former Prime minister of Canada Pierre E. Trudeau who was, along with her Majesty the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, in one of my paintings the “Canadian Constitution Acts” 1982 on which I received a thank you letter from Mr. Trudeau 1999 expressing how proud he was to hang it in his home. This painting entered the history of Canada so did in UK’s where the Medias wrote about and my art became international landmark. 

Being born in Egypt and was raised up in Cairo by a loving family has an effect on my warm paintings. Some people have called me the daughter of the Nile where I see myself as the daughter of nature. Nature works as the necessary oxygen in my life that led me to loving art that much. My first pencil drawing was done at the age of seven. Since then, painting has become the window from which I perceive life, nature, truths and peoples. Recalling the first drawing in water colors, I had painted in school, caused me tears of frustration because couldn't get the fine details were in mind. Those moments stood behind my creation of the realism oil paintings. Ever since, I've held it as a life's passion which turned to be my serious career. I used to spend my allowance to buy art supplies and stay late nights or woke up early mornings to paint (even though what I wanted was chocolates and play). In comparison however, the magnetic of painting has been my ultimate joy and more valuable than any amount of chocolate could have been.

Seeing seriousness in my artwork, my dear Mother surprised with a whole set of art supplies. I had become overjoyed and immediately, started my first oil painting on canvas at age of 12. My family loved it enough that my dear Mother took it to get framed. Unexpectedly, my Mother came home without the painting and happily announced that was sold to the owner who offered her a good price. My Mother was happy for me but I had mixed feelings! While I was impressed that someone loved my painting enough to buy it, I missed my painting very much that resulted of not wanting to sell my artwork for a while. However, I started to give some away paintings as gifts to those were dear to me and later sold few on a commission basis.

During my primary school, I had received five certificates of appreciation in visual arts. In high School, I had an art exhibition where the Minister of high education honoured it and gave me a Certificate of Honour on my painting.  Followed by attending University of Fine Art for five years and learned still life, figures drawing, perspective, sculptures, art of advertising, art history, architectural drafting and presentation, interior and exterior design which was my career for some time while painting aside.

In 1982, I worked as a Graphic Artist in Toronto, Canada and became thrilled when was chosen to produce an oil painting of the "Canadian Constitution Acts" which was presented to the then Prime Minister Mr. Pierre E. Trudeau 

Persisting to walk in the path of art, I obtained a Diploma in "Commercial Arts", "Desktop Publishing" and "Digital Media.

When art was not doing well during the rescission of the 80’s, I had to explore a new experience resulted in obtaining a diploma in Business administration and worked for Canada Post Cooperation, Ottawa. During that period, I was still painting in evenings and making additions to my art collections. I had to sell some of those paintings at times and some were done on commission requests. 1996, I sold two paintings in an Art exhibition in the O'Keefe center, Toronto to raise funds for the Canadian Opera. Since then, I have been participating in local, National and International Art Exhibitions and received numerous awards nationally and internationally for my paintings. Interestingly, an international Award has been named after my name “The Mona Youssef-Leonardo Da Vinci Award. (  Some of my paintings, art prints and greeting cards reached many countries worldwide and my profile has appeared in many local, National and International publications, magazines and catalogs, where viewers have  recognized the special depth found in the energetic paintings as a result of the extensive previous experiences worked as interior/exterior designer, graphic designer, commercial artist, layout artist and created architectural presentations and designs included drafting preparations/elevations from blue prints. I have also worked as an art jury for numerous International exhibitions.

Having verity of experience and education has contributed to the uniqueness and the depth of my realism style. Happily, I received many similar comments from admirers and buyers saying that my art is “Pure and reflects spirit of love, has vibes, spiritual, looks like The Golden Age-all luminous and joyful, vivid as if there was no pollution, you are a true Renaissance woman”. Please check the Testimonial page if you wish to read more. I would quote this expression; "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. “ Pablo Picasso (October 1881- April 1973). I am not Raphael, neither am I Picasso, but would love to paint freely, as that innocent child who sees only the purity of nature as is with all its richness and vividness. What is more beautiful than nature itself! 

Painting has become my career when I learned to let go. This result I've passed on to my art students for I have taught private art lessons, as part-time, for some years. It pleases me seeing my students successful in their schools and art colleges. As I find refreshment in versatility and so I loved teaching because there was giving, helping and sharing whereas in painting, I silently speak to myself on how to improve my giving, helping and sharing in different ways. However, painting will always remain as my first passion and personal space where my own world exists.

I would welcome your inquiries, please write me about your concerns, thank you for the visit.

Mona Youssef.