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"Artist Statement"

Art is a manifestation of love, loving the nature around us and the people we share our world with. Art reflects a wealth of cultural, history and identity as affirmation of man for it is a self-expression of how one perceives matters. In turn, art will work as a powerful tool and a silent International language that can convey messages to the world reflecting culture, history and civilization. This language can speak up, announce, express, make known, unify, bring together, support, encourage, share, care for, show compassion and kind feelings toward all. When we truly love what we do, we do it whole-souled and become professionals at it then, can become an art to us. In two words; Art is to LOVE.

Art is useful in everything we do. Some of us have the art of listening, the art of teaching, the art of helping, the art of communication, the art of writing and even the art of healing. Art has taught me that there is always light somewhere, even when matters may seem dark. Through painting, I've learned that what we see, for the first time, is not always or exactly what we initially perceive to be there. Having a second and a third look at subjects or matters can reveal more depth, value and beauty to what we thought was there the first time.

In my paintings, I focus on the importance of light along with the shadows that complement its beautiful counterpart. By using different subtle tones and applying many fine layers to create depth and soft contrast, I emphasize perspective and composition. Realizing this fact is what has led me to extend on the realism style.

Having gained experiences from travelling to different countries, where I've learned about different cultures, has enabled me to widen my perspective and become easily intimate with the qualities of our natural world and the people, it nourishes. In addition, I find that there is an infinite room for growth and progress in my artwork and this will inspires me to go on reaching new levels of depth, beauty and diversity in the realism oil paintings. 

Your comments and inquiries are welcomed and thank for the visit. 

Mona Youssef