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"Purchase and Price List"

* All orders are handled by and forwarded to Mona Youssef Online Art Gallery. Only Mona Youssef looks after the procedures of orders and does not sale her original oil paintings, art prints or greeting cards through any other website. All orders are only processed through Mona Youssef Online Art Gallery at: and:

* All archival prints are signed, numbered and marked individually by the artist.

* In order to respond to your inquiries, please fill in the required information in the provided box.

* Commission artwork is accepted. To inquire about having a piece of artwork specially made for you,  please contact the artist; Mona Youssef.

* Prices of Original paintings are provided upon request and include packaging, but frames are (optional).

* For a special requests to have prints of any original oil painting on a different materials such as Canvas or to inquire about the prices of the original paintings, please contact Mona Youssef or call: +1-613-767-9739

* Greeting cards of some paintings are available. However, if you are interested in having greeting cards of certain paintings, please contact the artist; Mona Youssef.

* All prices are in Canadian dollar and subject to changes.

Prints and Greeting Cards Prices:

10" X 8"


10" X 12"


11" X 14"


12" X 16"


12" X 18"


12” x 24”


14” x 18”


14" X 24"


14” x 28”


16" X 20"


20" X 24"


20" X 30"


5” x 7” greeting card