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"Payment and Deliveries"

* Prints prices include Insurance, Packaging, Tax, Shipping and Handling.

* Insurance and shipping on original paintings are costumer's responsibility. Please check with your local shipping companies to select your preference and arrange to pick up the artwork/order.

* All prices are in CAD (Canadian dollar) and subject to changes.

* All orders are processed once the Contract of Sale and payment are finalized. Payment can be made by a certified Cheque/check, Money Order or by Credit Card via PayPal. Should you chose to pay by PayPal, please make payment to: info (at)

* Shipping processes will immediately, take place once the payment is cleared. Your order of artwork will be shipped to your door with a receipt of payment received and an Agreement of sale. Thank you for understanding.

* For a special requests to have prints of any original painting, on a different materials such as Canvas or to inquire about the prices of the original paintings, please contact Mona Youssef or call: +1.613.484.1193

* Greeting cards of some paintings are available. However, if you are interested in having greeting cards of certain paintings, please contact Mona Youssef, thank you.