Mona Youssef Online Gallery

"Quality of Original Paintings and Prints"

* Original Paintings:

The canvas / linen is pure cotton 100% and professionally, well treated couple of months prior to painting and one year after the work is done. The paintings are done in many fine layers, using Sable brushes size as small as 18 zeros, made from the finest brushes of horse tail and with no glazing in between layers to add the richness and the natural depth from adding many tones of high quality pigments colors purchased from Italy, England and Germany. This insures the long lasting paintings for hundreds of years as vibrant as can be which means colors will not turn yellowish with time.

* Prints/Art Reproductions:

Archival Prints are produced by a professional printing company using the method of deep scan from the original paintings, scan professional slides taken 4x5 “ or from professional  negatives 35mm. It all depends on the dimension of the artwork. Then the prints are produced on the highest caliber acid-free Archive Museums color photographic paper whether with mat finishing or glossy result according to special requests. All printing steps are directed and monitored by the artist to meet her full satisfaction for sharp, vibrant images and long-lasting display.

* Greeting Cards:

Cards are size 5”x 7” and have insider available space / page to write your note to the receiver. Colors of the greeting cards are as close as to the original paintings 98% the minimum.